Precision touch sensitivity through intelligent glass composition that reacts like your phone’s own screen, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately for a flawless touchscreen experience.

Advanced two-way, side view filter technology provides ultra-privacy for your screen.

About this item:

  1. Privacy protection: Anti-Spy screen protector that can protect your personal privacy or business secrets. Strangers beside you will not see the messages on your screen as the privacy screen protector will block left and right side view of your screen so that only you can see the messages from the front.
  2. Design: Designed for your iphone and is Ultrathin-0.3mm thickness which is reliable and resilient and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. The installation is effortless, giving a perfect alignment without bubbles.
  3. Visibility: The privacy screen tempered glass is only visible to person directly facing the screen and has lesser eye strain than normal tempered glass.
  4. Anti-Shatter: If broken, the glass will break into small parts but stay in one piece, making it safer for glass screen of your iphone. Highly durable and scratch resistant – surface hardness 9H.
  5. Oleo phobic coating: Makes the screen protector resistant to oil particles which in turn makes it resistive to finger prints and protects your phone against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, keeping your phone screen clean with smoother touch, compatible with 3D Touch.

19 reviews for iPhone 11/12/13/14 Series Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector

  1. rakesh

    Initially I got bubble issue after first application due to my mistake but after a few minutes every bubble disappeared thanks to its best anti bubble properties. Even I did try to remove it and reapply and it still worked wonder . Best screen guard with no fingerprint left on the cover and at such a cheap price it matches the quality with those of higher price Screen Guard.

  2. dinesh

    The quality of the screen protector is godd, easy to install, adhesive quality is best, fit well
    I got two other products lightening cable USB,and back protector case for my iphone 13 with my gift card free

  3. sandeep

    little shorter but matches the phone’s black Corners however I got only one small bubble b/w screen and guard in corner due to my application skills . still Looks perfect and Feels awesome. Will Buy Again its kinda Good One in quality too.

  4. abhey

    This product is value for money ” fits perfectly in the edges ‘, and does also get wet and dry wipe cloth with this to apply it buble free on the phone , this has helped my phoen survived many times ,, the company is doing great “, the overall fit and finish is also great ,

  5. tushar

    Product quality is good and budget friendly, recommend for purchase.

  6. mukesh

    I like the product quality and the design.

  7. Anoop

    Best screen protection till date i have ever seen
    Very very easy to install no blur in front camera and very smooth edges

  8. Komal

    Superb product easy to install and value for money.

  9. Kajal

    Easy to install
    Easy to clean
    Overall Good product.

  10. Kavita naag

    Perfect for the phone Easy to install, fits perfectly and it is worth the money and Adhesion is also goood….

  11. Janki Devi

    Sturdy and good quality

  12. Ashutosh

    Pretty easy to apply. Good cleaning materials provided. The glass has been pretty good against fingerprints. Have to see for how long this property lasts. 7/10 for privacy part. At 50%~70% brightness, it blocks view perfectl

  13. Rani

    Excellent packing and expected quality

  14. Laxmi

    Very easy to install and cost effective product

  15. Sridhar

    I got broken glass, i called customer support,
    And they helped me to replace it, i got new one.
    Fast service , easy replacement policy ..

  16. Archana

    Two times i got defective one, again they had dispatched ,waiting for the glass, hope this time i will get good one

  17. Himanshu

    The delivery , and the packaging was very good,
    Good product 👍

  18. Nikhil

    Good one ☺️

  19. Priyo

    Good quality product

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iPhone 11/12/13/14 Series Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector
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