Your Phone deserves all the love and care in the world. Protect your Phone with the Premium Phone Cases & Covers. Say Goodbye to Scratches as our cases are built to last with Ultra Durable material. What’s more? You’ll be protecting your Precious Phone in Style with our Elegant Range of Phone Cases.


  • Super slim Case that adds no extra width to your smartphone
  • The shell of the case is paper-thin and highly scratch resistant.
  • The matte look of the cover looks very elegant and provides protection as well to your phone at the same time
  • The soft textured material is heatproof which makes it very much apt to use under varied circumstances.
  • The anti-drop strong material of the cover protects the phone during accidental falls and slips.


  • Paper-Thin and Feather light Case
  • Scratch Resistant, Anti-Fingerprint
  • Smooth Matte Finish
  • SO THIN! Feels as if case is not present
  • Heat-Proof, Special Material helps in heat dissipation
  • Anti-Drop Strong Material prevents mobile


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Galaxy S23 ULTRA Paper-Thin Feather Series Matte Finish Ultra-Light Back Cover
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